Accessing validation information in your templates is really simple but the pathing can be quite long. For example, if we want to display the error message for the username attribute, it would look something like this:


The V-Get Helper

To bypass such long pathing, you can use the v-get helper.

Notice: Ember v1.13.0 is not supported due to a bug. Please use Ember v1.13.1 and higher or Ember v1.12.* and lower

Access global model properties

{{v-get model 'isValid'}}

Access attribute specific properties

{{v-get model 'username' 'message'}}

Access model relationship validations

Say we have a user model with a details attribute that is a belongsTo relationship, to access validations on the details attribute/model we can access it as such.

{{v-get model.details 'isValid'}}
{{v-get model.details 'firstName' 'message'}}

What's awesome about this is that you can pass in bound properties!

{{v-get model attr prop}}
{{v-get model prop}}

Here is a more extensive example:

  {{input value=model.username placeholder="Username"}}
  {{#if (v-get model 'username' 'isInvalid')}}
    <div class="error">
      {{v-get model 'username' 'message'}}

  <button type="submit" disabled={{v-get model 'isInvalid'}}>Submit</button>